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Coolest trending Modular Kitchens & Prefab Bathroom Pods for your next business, event, or dream house experience.

Moduspaces is the world’s leading manufacturer & supplier of Modular kitchen and Prefabricated Bathroom pods across America and Europe.

Select from our designer line of pods or let us design a pod to your specifications. An award-winning company for cool, stylish, and affordable modular washrooms, bathroom pods, and kitchen units.

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Check out some of our magnificent collections of Designer/Modular Bathrooms and Kitchen units.

MBS600KB Shown with 20ft diameter floor. Other sizes are available to fit your outdoor space needs. Click for more information

MBS600KB without kitchen
MBS600KB without kitchen shown with 20ft diameter floor. Other sizes are available to fit your outdoor space needs. Click for more information

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Charm and elegance floors

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Custom Development

Simplicity in designing your bathroom or kitchen. Moduspaces is your single source enabling elimination of multiple tradesmen.

Worldwide Shipping

Moduspaces ships anywhere in the world. We ship both domestically and internationally. Our logistics department will arrange shipping to your designated location.

Why Choose Moduspaces?

Moduspaces is a leading seller of designer, prefabricated & high-quality modular bathrooms and kitchens.
We provide an affordable solution.
Select from the top trending line of products or customize your own.

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How long do pods take to construct?

About 10 days depending on quantity ordered.

Do Moduspace bathroom pods save money?

When cost comparison is done between pod and onsite build there is a significant savings in parts and labor in using a pod.

How is the pod loaded?

Use top load or side.

How are moduspaces bathroom pods protected and shipped?

The bathroom pods are encased for shipping. The pods come ready for installation from the factory.

How is the installation completed?

On site personal for commercial jobs move units into place and connect the power, water and plumbing. Glamping customers will need licensed people to hook up the unit.

Where do you ship?

Units are shipped to locations around the world. Our logistics department arranges shipping.